Some questions we get more frequently than others…

What Will I Need To Start Using The Service With You?

All we would need is administrative (admin) access to your WordPress website. If we need any other information beyond that going forward, we would contact you personally.

I Want A Fully Custom Website Made Instead. Do You Guys Do That?

The short answer is YES! Contact our parent company Synergy Technologies for more information.

I Manage More Than One Website, Is That OK?

Yes. We can work with you on bulk pricing our services if you have more than one website. Contact us with more details.

I Manage More Than One Website Using A WordPress Multisite Install. Is That Ok?

Similar to managing more than one website, we would still like you to contact us first if you are running a WordPress multisite install.

Does it matter where my site is hosted?

We can provide our service with most hosting providers. If there is an issue we’ll work with your host to ensure we can provide our service through them.

Can you migrate my website to another hosting company?

Absolutelly! Migration is no problem and it’s available on the Premium plan. If you choose a plan that does not include migration just contact us and we can setup a one-time charge for migration.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! You can cancel at any time. Partial refunds will not be issued. We value our customers and if you are having any issues, please contact us to allow us to find a solution.